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Pranayama for Restoring Vitality

Insight Timer eCourse starting June 6th. 10 days for 15min/day.
Life-force energy (prana) is a potent force for healing and enlivening the entire body. Over the next 10 days, you’ll be invited to discover your ability to control prana through classic techniques that soothe and energize. Whether you feel sluggish or scattered, breath-work can allow you to gain control over fluctuating energy, helping to restore balance, harmony, and radiance. Through the use of educational theory and skill-building experience, you’ll come to cherish pranayama as a precious practice of self-care and self-discovery, serving as a powerful tool to enhance clarity, enrich meditation, regulate mood, and boost overall health. This course will help you to gather the knowledge you need to practice pranayama on your own, allowing you to deeply enhance your radiance and well-being, and incorporate mindfulness into your everyday life.