Discover ways to settle pitta irritations this summer with simple Ayurvedic remedies. (2017)


Yoga Journal's "Ayurveda 101" Promo Video with Larissa Carlson and Dr. John Douillard.  (2017-2018)

Try my introduction to alternate-nostril breathing (Nadi shodhana, building into anuloma viloma). (2017)

Ayurveda 101: Spring Kapha-Balancing 4-week Online Course Info.  Includes a 15-min yoga practice sampler. (2018)

Try supported fish pose on 2 blocks after yoga practice--a great supported backbend for spring kapha season. (2018)

Try my 15-minute pranayama practice. (2017)

8-minute Slow Motion Prana Meditation video. (2018)


Learn about "Ayurveda 101" online course through Yoga Journal and try a vata-balancing pranayama and meditation practice.

Try Larissa's mind-stimulating mindful movement break. (2018)